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02 - 09May

NLP Practitioner and The Hidden Energy of Language

02/05/2021 - 09/05/2021 (9:00am - 6:00pm)

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Mind Management Academy
Avior Lodge
17 Bobuck Lane Thredbo NSW
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Event Information

4 certifications 1 Course

An immersive, face to face, 8 day course combining NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching in a retreat style setting in the Beautiful Snowy Mountains Location of Thredbo

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a proven and potent method for achieving what you want in life, developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP allows You to reset, realign and regain Conscious Control of the operating systems of your mind.

Breakthrough limiting beliefs, redundant strategies and stories that have, in the past, held you back. Access your inner leader, learn new ways of thinking and how you can use the processes and functions of the mind in order to:

  • Gain absolute clarity in your mind to produce any thought, feeling, behaviour or result you choose at any given time
  • Release fears, guilt, grief, negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • Gain rapport instantly with anybody you want.
  • Become a Master of Language, Communication and your Power of influence. Learn the true energetics of language and how your words create your reality
  • Coach yourself and others in Business and Personal domains for Outstanding Results and Success
  • Model Excellence and discipline and install any behaviour you desire at the unconscious level! 

Time Line Therapy® is a powerful method for creating change in an individual’s life. Utilising your own internal representation of how you store time and memories and working with your unconscious mind, together we heal emotional trauma and transform limiting beliefs, negative emotions and even phobias.

Change occurs at an unconscious level and together we work with your unconscious mind consciously to make dramatic changes quickly and permanently.

Time Line Therapy® assists you to gain mastery over your emotional life as well as the ability to assist others to do the same.

  • Release past trauma
  • Remove limiting decisions and beliefs
  • Remove phobias
  • Integrate parts of you that operate separately from the whole
  • Release negative emotions (Anger sadness fear hurt guilt) that hold you back  


  • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind to make changes at the deepest level where change occurs. NLP and Time Line Therapy® are advanced techniques of hypnosis and in learning hypnotherapy, you learn how to access the unconscious in a more traditional way.
  • Ericksonian Fundamentals
  • Hypnotic Patterns
  • Suggestibility
  • Pendulum Paradigm
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions

 With all 3 modalities, you have a complete range of tools to assist yourself as well as your clients, if you wish to utilise the training as such.

 The 4 Certifications includes:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
  • NLP Coaching Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Practitioner
  • includes: 20+program on USB Practitioner Audio Pre-Study (valued at $895)
  • NLP Practitioner Training Manual
  • Time Line Therapy® training Manual
  • Hypnosis training Manual
  • NLP Coaching training Manual
  • Time Line Therapy® and the Basis of Personality (book)
  • Time Line Therapy® Made Easy (book)
  • Magic of NLP Demystified (book)

With places limited to 10 people, this retreat style learning offers you a generous amount of practice time as well as the option to re-attend the course as many times as you like for no charge.

Accommodation at Avior Lodge Thredbo, breakfast and evening meal provided.

With on-going support from the team at Mind Management Academy, you are well equipped to start your career in this field of self-development and coaching.

At the end of the course you walk away with qualifications as an NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner and NLP Coach Practitioner.




Payment Plans Available

  • To secure your position in the program use the link below and make a $500 deposit
  • You will then receive more information and a welcome pack with your resources will be sent.
  • Heather will then contact you to discuss and set up your flexible payment arrangement.


Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Trade –

In Trance (ABN 53 608 770 921) T/A Mind Management Academy Customer means the party engaging the services of Mind Management Academy Program, services, course and similar synonyms are used

Our Prices and Fees

  1. All charges & prices for services carried out by Mind Management Academy are subject to GST at the prevalent rate.
  2. All prices quoted are Australian Dollars.
  3. All prices quoted, are for the listed and mentioned services only and are subject to change in line with third party providers, the Australian dollar and other unforeseen circumstances.

4. Customers may be required to enter into arrangement with third parties in order to allow for the services of Mind Management Academy to be provided. Any such agreements are between the Customer andthe respective third parties. Mind Management Academy encourages Customers to review any terms and conditions prior to acceptance.

Payment of our Invoices

5. To secure placement in a program, Mind Management Academy requires

payment in full, upfront.

 6. If the Customer does not wish to pay in full, upfront, then at the sole

discretion of Mind Management Academy, the Customer must enter into a

direct debit agreement with a third-party provider, which is to be

introduced by Mind Management Team.

 7. In the event that direct debit agreement is entered into, a non-

refundable deposit to be paid by the Customer to Mind Management Academy.

The non-refundable deposit is $500.00.

 8. Throughout any program, Mind Management Academy requires payment

for the services to be provided prior to the Customer engaging in the

next stage of the program.

 9. Failure to make the requisite payment will result in services being

placed on hold the Customer’s place in any program cancelled.

Refund Policy and Cancelation Policy

 10. Mind Management Academy has a ‘no refund’ policy due to the

individualised content of each program developed for Customers.

Obviously, this is subject to Australian Consumer Law. If there are

any issues with the packages or service you have been provided,

please contact Heather and the Mind Management Team via email to We would like the opportunity to

work with you in relation to your issues, whatever they may be.

 11. With the exceptions provided by Australian Consumer Law, a

Customer may not cancel a program that they have purchased.

Mind Management Academy has a finite capacity in relation to the

services that it can provide and requires payment in order to cover

the opportunity cost associated with the cancelation.

 12. In the event of illness certified by a medical professional, or other

justifiable reason for withdrawal from a program, services may be

suspended by the Customer upon request, in writing to Such withdrawal is at the

discretion of Mind Management Academy. Should withdrawal be

allowed, credit will be provided towards another program.

 Our Services

13. Mind Management Academy provides transformational education in

Neuro-linguistic programming, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis and

natural therapies to Customers.

14. Mind Management Academy does not offer is products or services to

people under the age of 18 years. The relevant time for determining

a potential Customer’s age is at the time of paying the upfront fees

required by these terms and conditions.

 15. The services provided by Mind Management Academy are merely

indicative and general in nature, the advice is not directive, nor does

it amount to counselling, financial, nor legal advice. Any such

advice should be sought from a qualified expert.

 16. The Customer agrees that Mind Management Academy may, in the

provision of the services, ask personal questions and make requests

for the specific purpose of reminding the Customer of their own,

previously provided, intentions. If discussing personals issues may

result in a risk to the Customer, then the Customer must disclose this

prior to engaging the services of Mind Management Academy.

 17. The Customer warrants they are medically fit to undertake the

personal development program offered by Mind Management Academy.

18. Mind Management Academy acknowledges that any personal information

discussed during the provision of the services shall be kept in

19. Mind Management Academy will take all reasonable steps to ensure that

its employees and agents, and any sub-contractors engaged for the

purposes of this agreement, do not make public or disclose the

Customer information and data which would reasonably be expected

to be kept in confidence, unless legally compelled to do so.

20. The Customer requests the services at his or her own risk. Mind Management Academy will not be held liable for any losses or damages

caused as a result of services purchased from Mind Management Academy.

21. The Customer agrees that any strategies implemented by Mind Management Academy remain the intellectual property of Mind Management Academy and may not be used outside the terms of this engagement,

save for where expressly provided for.

22. It is the responsibility of the Customer that all materials (including,

but not limited to images, diagrams, data, as well as intellectual

property in other media) supplied to Mind Management Academy by the

Customer will have the relevant copyrights, licenses and

permissions for use in the services of the Company.

23. The Customer is also responsible for the accuracy of their

instructions and directions to the Mind Management Academy. Mind Management Academy will not accept responsibility/liability for

infringements or inaccuracies caused by any wrongly supplied

instructions or materials.

24. Mind Management Academy reserves the right to commission freelance

support or outsource any task if it is felt it is in the best interests of

the Customer. Any outsourced job remains the

property/responsibility of Mind Management Academy and such services

are deemed to be carried out ‘indirectly’ by Mind Management Academy.

25. Mind Management Academy makes no guarantee or warranties, either

express or implied, outside of that required by Australian Consumer

Customer Code of Conduct

26. The Customer agrees to be bound by this Code of Conduct, failing

compliance with, Mind Management Academy may immediately

terminate the agreement and cease to provide services without

27. The Customer must:

i. Provide full Disclosure;

ii. Be Patient;

iii. Communicate fully; and

iv. Comply with all laws.

28. In the event that Mind Management Academy terminates the

agreement with the Customer pursuant with non-compliance with

the Code of Conduct, no refund is to be provided.


29. Mind Management Academy takes your privacy seriously. Mind Management

Academy will protect your personal information regarding the

use of personal information as required by Australian Privacy Laws

Privacy Laws as well as European requirements for Customer’s

based in that location. Mind Management Academy will not use your

personal information except for the purpose of engaging in and

entering into and completing a transaction and the services. The

Customer must ensure that before disclosing any personal

information to Mind Management Academy that the Customer is entitled

to disclose that information and without taking any further steps as

required by the Australian Privacy Laws Mind Management Academy

may use and disclose such information for the purpose of entering

into any transaction under these Terms of Trade. If the Customer

becomes aware of any breach or alleged breach of the Privacy Laws

concerning information disclosed by Mind Management Academy to the

Customer or any other party, or by the Customer to Mind Management Academy,

then the Customer must notify Mind Management Academy

immediately via the email to

Likewise, Mind Management Academy will notify the Customer, and if

necessary, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner if

Mind Management Academy becomes aware of any breach or any alleged

breach of the Privacy Laws concerning information disclosed.


30. Any transactions completed online with Mind Management Academy are

completed using SSL technology, which provides the high-level

encryption for online transactions.

31. In the event the Customer’s credit card information is taken by

Mind Management Academy for the purposes of making a credit card

transaction to purchase a package. The Customer’s credit

information is destroyed after the transaction is successfully made.

This is an essential element of Mind Management Academy

32. Any online payment is transacted via third party providers and

subject to the terms and conditions imposed by those providers.


33. Mind Management Academy reserves all rights in relation to intellectual

property created and used by it on its website and in any

documentation. Mind Management Academy has taken every measure to

ensure that it has permission to use the intellectual property of

others. Any misuse of copyrighted material by Customers or users

of any website or publication operated by Mind Management Academy is

strictly prohibited.

34. Customer agree that Mind Management Academy may photograph or

otherwise record the delivery of the program, including

photographing or recording the Customer, which may identify the

Customer. The Customer agrees that this material may be used in

marketing material by Mind Management Academy. This also includes

any testimonials provided by Customers.

35. Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without prior

notice to its Customers. Notification will be sent to all Customers at

the time of the Terms and Conditions alterations.

36. Mind Management Academy shall be under no liability if it should be

unable to carry out any provision of this agreement for any reason

beyond its control.

37. The Customer is agreeing fully to Mind Management Academy’s Terms

and Conditions of Trade by electing to engage the services of

Mind Management Academy.


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