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15 - 17Apr

Hi Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour Camping - Paddock Campground

15/04/2022 - 17/04/2022

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Ticket sales have closed. You may contact the organiser

Bathurst Regional Council
Mount Panorama
Mountain Straight, Mount Panorama NSW, Australia
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Event Information


  • Campgrounds open at 8am on Wednesday 13 April and close at 8am Monday 18 April 2022.
  • Sites will be pre-sold for $90 per site + $2.34 Fees, and at $100 from Friday 15 April 2022.
  • All sites will be line-marked and measure approximately 8m x 8m. Your belongings must remain within the 8m x 8m site and not encroach upon the vacant sites adjacent to your selected campsite. 
  • Only one vehicle (or two motorcycles) permitted per site.
  • There are no powered sites available in the Campground however patrons are welcome to bring generators.
  • Campground sites can only be booked and paid for online.
  • Tickets to the event must be purchased in addition to the cost of a campsite(s) – see dedicated ticketing page on the website.
  • Camping is not permitted at the event anywhere other than the designated campground.
  • In order to book a campsite, all patrons must agree to abide by the Campground Terms and Conditions. (see below)



Campground Check In is open from Wednesday 13 April at 8:00am

Check In times are between the hours of 0800 and 2000 daily only. No check in outside these hours is permitted. The Paddock Campground Office will be located at Mountain Straight Gate on Wednesday & Thursday and from the Main Gate Ticket Box in Harris Park on Friday & Saturday. On arrival at the venue, all campers are to report to the Campground Office to finalise administration (including issuing of vehicle passes).

Terms & Conditions



Campsites are available for hire at the Bathurst 6 Hour (“Event”) for a maximum of five nights. This ticket for a  campsite(s) is sold by ARG Events as the organiser (“seller”) of the Event. All claims are the sole responsibility of  the seller and to the extent permitted by law, the seller has no liability to you. The seller shall not be liable for any  loss, damage, claim or demand suffered by any person(s) as a result (directly or indirectly) of non-compliance with  these terms and conditions. The following conditions are both of sale (including any resale or subsequent  assignment) and conditions of attendance at the Event.  

  1. You must supply your correct full name at the time of purchase. Once purchased, tickets are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Print the barcoded ticket and bring to the Event, which will be scanned at the entry to the  campground. The barcoded ticket is required for entry to the campground at the Event. No refund or exchange on any  ticket will be provided except as required by law and as otherwise specified by the seller. If a refund is made, the  seller may, to the extent permitted by law, retain any fee it has charged. Keep your ticket secure, as it is proof of  purchase and can only be used once.  
  2. This ticket is valid for entry into the respective campground only; it does not provide entry into the Event. Tickets to the Event are required to be purchased separately. Children 12 and under are admitted free of charge providing  they are accompanied and supervised by an adult, who is in possession of a valid ticket.  
  3. The right is reserved to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute race categories and/or vary advertised programs, prices, seating arrangements and venue capacity.  
  4. The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the seller’s terms of admission. 
  5. Cameras, audio and video recorders are permitted provided any footage acquired at the Event is not used for commercial purposes. The right is reserved to broadcast or telecast the Event.  
  6. The seller reserves the right to conduct a search of person’s possessions at the time of entry to the Event. 7. Entry may be refused if tickets are not purchased from the seller. 
  7. This ticket may not, without the prior written consent of the seller, be resold or offered for resale at a premium (including via on-line auction sites) or used for advertising, promoting or other commercial purposes (including  competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods and services, either by the original  purchaser or any subsequent bearer. If a ticket is sold, or used in breach of this condition, the ticket may be cancelled  without a refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused admission.  
  8. There is a maximum capacity of 4 people per campsite. 
  9. Only one vehicle, or two motorcycles, is/are permitted per campsite. Use of vehicles within the campground on undesignated roads or for unlawful or potentially dangerous practices is prohibited.  
  10. Vehicles parked on campsites not booked by the purchaser will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. 12. Unregistered motorized vehicles, including race cars, are prohibited from the campground. 
  11. Temporary platforms are prohibited. Shade structures may be erected however are not to be erected within 5m of any 2nd line of protection (spectator fence line). The seller reserves the right to determine what is acceptable and  instruct you to move your structure.  
  12. Fuel canisters in excess of five liters are prohibited. 
  13. No animals will be permitted into the Event, with the exception of assistance animals. 
  14. Small recreational campfires are permitted provided there is no ‘fire ban’ in place, the fire is contained in a ‘fire pit’ or drum and covers an area 1m x 1m or less. 
  15. Fireworks are prohibited. 
  16. Music is prohibited in the campground between the hours of 11pm and 7am. 
  17. Persons found in possession of illegal drugs, weapons or dangerous items will be referred to the Police.
  18. Ticket holders are permitted to bring a reasonable quantity of alcohol into the campground, providing it is not in glass containers and alcohol consumption is restricted to the campground.  
  19. Trading or advertising signs are not permitted without prior consent of the seller. No ticket holder shall be entitled to do any trading without the written consent of the seller. Setting up a promotional presence within or near the Event  is not allowed without prior written consent of the seller.  
  20. In the case of an emergency or evacuation, you must follow all instructions of the seller, the seller’s event staff, volunteers and officials.  
  21. Any breach of any of these terms and conditions will entitle the seller to evict the ticket holder from the venue and confiscate any ticket, without refund.  
  22. The information requested by the seller is only used in the processing of your tickets; in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988, the information is not supplied to any third party. Please refer to our website for our Privacy  Policy.  

Motor Sport is Dangerous Motorsport Australia and its Associated Entities exclude all liability for your harm  howsoever arising from your attendance at the event except to the extent prohibited by law. For full disclaimer  wording, refer to


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Refund policy

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