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True Sports Show - Dinner & Show

14/05/2022 (6:00pm)

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Orange Ex-Services Club
Orange Ex-Services Club
231-243 Anson Street, Orange NSW, Australia
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Stories of Sport, Music & Life...

Music and sport are natural complements to one another.

The relationship between the two is so tight that it’s no surprise to see how music has become so ingrained in the tradition of so many sporting events.

Both are rooted in events that are full of life, passion, energy and ultimately entertainment.

Music and sport bring people together like nothing else and in this unique show, the audience gets to
experience both worlds….

The members of True Sports include people who, through dedication and perseverance, have reached the
top of their respective fields of sport and music,

The first half of a True Sports show comprises a 1 hour speaking segment where each member shares their insights on momentous sporting and musical events that they themselves have been part of……a dressing room view if you like.

They also share their triumphs and failures, and how these events have shaped their careers as well as their
views on life…

This is followed by a 90-minute live rock show, where the guys get to unleash their passion for music.

They individually have always had a strong personal connection with music and this show brings both
those musical and sporting worlds together.

Combined with a multimedia video presentation, the True Sports show is unlike any other on the Australian entertainment landscape and one that you’ll want at your venue.


True Sports members include:

Mike Whitney - Australian & NSW cricketer, TV presenter & corporate speaker

Eric Grothe Snr – Australian, NSW State Of Origin and Parramatta Eels rugby league player, vocalist & guitarist for Eric Grothe & The

Richard Chee Quee – NSW cricketer and lead vocalist for band “Six And Out”

Gavin Robertson – Australian & NSW cricketer, radio presenter, corporate speaker & drummer/vocalist for band “Six And Out”

Mark Carroll – Australian, NSW Sate Of Origin, Manly/Souths/Penrith rugby league player & media commentator

Steve Balbi – Musician/Songwriter/Producer (Noiseworks, Electric Hippies, Mi-Sex)



6pm - Doors & Bar Open 

6:30pm - Dinner Served

8:00pm - Show


Alternate Serve Dinner Menu 

Please advise if you have any dietary requirements. 


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