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13 - 15May

Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour Camping - McPhillamy Campground

13/05/2022 - 15/05/2022

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Bathurst Regional Council
Mount Panorama
Mountain Straight, Mount Panorama NSW 2795, Australia
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Event Information


The LIQUI-MOLY Bathurst 12 Hour returns Friday 13 May – Sunday 15 May, 2022. Australia’s international endurance race has become one of the most iconic races on the GT calendar, with 12 hours of bumper-to-bumper racing action at the esteemed Mount Panorama. Supercars stars will line the grid with the best international drivers in a host of the latest GT3 vehicles which in the past have included Mercedes Benz, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lotus, and many other manufacturers. The Paddock is free with your event ticket, so you can experience all the behind the scenes action with the teams working in the garages, the amazing purpose-built team transporters on display and even grab an autograph from your favourite driver.


  • All sites will be line-marked and measure approximately 6m x 8m.
  • If your vehicle and/or accommodation facilities exceed the campsite size you are required to purchase an additional site.


  • There are no powered sites available in the Campground however patrons are welcome to bring generators.


  • Campgrounds open at 9am on Wednesday 11 May 2022.
  • Access to the Campground will not be permitted before the specified opening time and patrons are to depart the Circuit by specified closing time.
  • All campers will be sent available check in times closer to the date of the event.


  • Sites will be sold for $110 until 10th May 2022. Sites sold after this date will be $120 (pending availability).
  • No booking will be taken without payment. Payment can be made in the form of credit card and must be received before reservations can be confirmed. Campsites can be purchased at the event from 11 May 2022 pending availability.


  • Dine & Discover vouchers can be used to purchase camping tickets.


  • Parents NSW vouchers can be used to purchase camping tickets.


  • Every person must have a valid event ticket to gain entry to the campground. To purchase event tickets, please visit the Bathurst 12 Hour website.


  • McPhillamy campground has a strict two vehicle per site policy. Any additional vehicles must be housed in the main public car parking area off Panorama Ave.
  • If your vehicle and/or accommodation facilities exceed the campsite size you are required to purchase an additional site.


  • More information on the Event can be found on the Bathurst 12 Hour website.
  • Children 12 years and under receive free entry when accompanied by a paying adult.
  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed per camp site.


For more information, please visit the Bathurst 12 Hour website.

Terms & Conditions


Capitalised terms have the same meaning as the Conditions of Entry you were deemed to have accepted by purchasing or otherwise receiving an entry Ticket to the Venue for the Event. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to read and inform yourself of the Conditions of Entry and of these Rules. These Conditions of Entry may be supplemented by additional conditions displayed at the Venue, or amended from time to time at It is your responsibility to have read the most recent Conditions of Entry.

General conduct:

  • Orderly conduct is expected at all times.
  • Police and Security will enforce eviction from the Venue for any disorderly conduct and other misbehaviour at their discretion.
  • No materials over 1.2m high are permitted to cordon off your campsite.
  • You are not permitted to build toilets on your campsites – it is only permitted to hire port-a-loos from reputable suppliers.
  • At the top of the mountain shade structures are not permitted to be erected past the white line marked on the ground. If you need further clarification, please see a campground staff member.
  • Only reasonable amounts of alcohol, as determined by the Promoter, are permitted to be brought into the campgrounds.
    • Alcohol limits for the 2022 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour campgrounds are as follows per person per day:
    • 1x carton of full-strength beer (5% alcohol or less) - 24 cans x 375mls or less, or
    • 1x carton of light / mid strength beer (3.5% alcohol or less) - 30 cans x 375mls or less, or
    • 1x carton of pre-mixed spirits (6% alcohol or less) – 24 cans x 375mls, or
    • 1x carton of cider (5% alcohol or less) – 24 cans x 375mls, or
    • 1x cask of sealed wine totalling 4 litres or less, or
    • 1x 750ml bottle of spirits (Plastic only), or
    • 2x 375ml plastic bottles of spirits (38 % alcohol or less) - must be the original manufacturer’s product with seal unopened
    • PLEASE NOTE: You can only bring in One (1) day’s alcohol supply at a time. There is no storage facility for excess alcohol and any alcohol over the daily limit will be confiscated and disposed of.

Access to the Campgrounds:

  • The Promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to the Campgrounds to any person it deems unfit or inappropriate in its absolute discretion.
  • Patrons must present a vehicle pass for each vehicle and an Event Ticket and wristband for each person to obtain entry into the Campgrounds.



  • If your vehicle and/or accommodation facilities exceed the campsite size you are required to purchase an additional site. A tow away service will be in operation for any vehicles that are not parked completely within their allocated campsite.
  • Vehicles may only be used for entering and exiting the Campgrounds via their main gates.
  • Unregistered or un-roadworthy vehicles will not be admitted into any Campground.
  • On the advice of the NSW Police Service, any unregistered motorised wheeled device (excluding those used by disabled persons) will not be admitted into the Event or the Venue. Limited Use Permit and Agricultural registered vehicles will not be admitted into the Event or the Venue.
  • Use of vehicles within the Campgrounds on undesignated roads or for unlawful or potentially dangerous practices is strictly forbidden.
  • All vehicles will be subject to a comprehensive search by the NSW Police and Security for contra banned items including weapons, excessive amounts of alcohol, illicit drugs, fireworks and other articles referred to in the Conditions of Entry and Campground Rules.
  • All roads are subject to local, state and federal motor legislation. Motorists are expected to obey these rules at all times.
  • McPhillamy and Reid & Sulman campgrounds have a two vehicle per site policy and the Paddock is a strict one vehicle per site policy which will be enforced. Any additional vehicles must be housed in the main public car parking area off Panorama Ave.



  • Event Tickets, Campground wristbands and vehicle passes provided for your relevant Campgrounds must be clearly visible at all times.
  • If you do not have the correct vehicle accreditation or Tickets, no vehicle access will be permitted to the Campgrounds without the express written permission of the promoter
  • All campgrounds wristbands must be used in conjunction with a valid admission ticket. Wristbands alone do not provide entry into the Event.
  • All instructions and directions relating to any terms and conditions and/or campground rules, whether communicated by the Promoter, Security and/or Police, Officials, Volunteers and Authorised Persons must be strictly adhered to at all times. This includes anything that has been considered unacceptable, unsafe or reduces the comfort of the Venue or the Event experience generally for other patrons.

Camp Fires

  • Campers are permitted to have a camp fire on their campsite on the following conditions:
    • A fire ban is not in place within Bathurst, NSW;
    • The fire is contained within a metal barrel or drum;
  • If the Fire Danger Rating is classified as Extreme or Catastrophic, NSW Rural Fire Service are at liberty to request all lighting of fires be suspended and all burning fires to be extinguished.
  • In the event, any of the above conditions are not complied with; Supercars will be at liberty to extinguish such camp fires and campers will not be permitted to conduct a camp fire unless the above conditions are met.


Prohibited Items

  • The following items must not be brought into the Venue under any circumstances: (i) illegal substances, fireworks, explosives or weapons of any nature; (ii) couches or lounge chairs; (iii) animals (excluding working Guide Dogs); (iv) platforms, structures or materials to be used to erect platforms or other viewing platforms; (v) anything that the Promoter reasonably considers will obstruct the view or jeopardise the safety, comfort or experience of other patrons; (vi) any power tools, chainsaws, axes or dangerous equipment; (vii) any unregistered motorised wheeled devices; (viii) any glass bottles or other glass items or (ix) anything the promoter reasonably considers not appropriate to be taken into the campgrounds. The Promoter reserves the right to remove any such items at its discretion.


  • You must supply your correct full name at the time of purchase. Once purchased, tickets are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Print the barcoded ticket and bring to the Event, which will be scanned at the entry to the campground. The barcoded ticket is required for entry to the campground at the Event. No refund or exchange on any ticket will be provided except as required by law and as otherwise specified by the seller. If a refund is made, the  seller may, to the extent permitted by law, retain any fee it has charged. Keep your ticket secure, as it is proof of  purchase and can only be used once.  


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Refund policy

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