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09 May

Respirator Fit Testing in Tamworth - Face to Face


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    4/158 Marius St, Tamworth NSW 2340, Australia
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    When it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE), nothing is more imperative than full functionality. This includes ensuring that the PPE’s shape and size is perfect for the individual using it. It must adequately protect them from any potential airborne dangers like asbestos, silica, and other contaminants. Therefore, EnviroScience provides leading respiratory fit testing to ensure exactly that.

    Our experts will ensure that each individual’s mask fits properly and is suitable for use. This includes ensuring that there are no potential leaks between the face and facepiece.

    There are numerous elements to our first class service, including:

    • Evaluation: We utilise state of the art technology to gauge whether there is a volume of test contaminant that enters the facemask.
    • Education: It is important to remember that the individual is also responsible for gauging a leak. Therefore, we provide ongoing education for team members to be able to detect a leak via physical awareness (smell, taste etc.)

    These combined elements create a comprehensive service that is designed to ensure ultimate leak prevention.

    * LICENCE FOR SAMPLING AIRBORNE DUST – Inhalable and Respirable Dust and Crystalline Silica – Licence N0MLA 00017341

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