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30 - 02Apr

2020 Trundle ABBA Festival GLAMPING TENTS

30/04/2020 - 02/05/2020 (9:00am - 8:00pm)

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Tent Prices
Type Price Fee
Premium Tent (Choose bedding later)
Premium Tent $550.00 $6.50
Classic Tent (Choose bedding later)
Classic Large Tent $400.00 $5.00
Classic Small Tent $300.00 $4.00
Basic Tent (No bedding included)
Basic Large Tent $375.00 $4.75
Basic Small Tent $275.00 $3.75

Organiser Details
ABBA Tent Glamping
Trundle Showground
Croft Street Trundle NSW 2875
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Event Information


Tents are booked for the duration of the ABBA festival and will be available for 3 nights - Thursday 30th April, Friday 1st and Sat 2nd May.

Tents booked as a group (single booking) will be placed together.  No assurance can be given that tents booked separately will be near each other.


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  • All bookings and payment must be completed within 15 mins.  Booking/s not paid for within this time will be released back into the pool for sale


  • Cancellations before 1st January 2019 will receive 90% refund
  • Cancellations before 1st  April 2019 will receive 80% refund
  • Cancellations before 24th  April 2019 will receive 60% refund
  • Cancellations AFTER 24th  April 2019 will receive NO REFUND

 Useful information about Glamping tents

BEDDING - Foam mattresses and warm doonas are supplied, which will be add to comfort and warmth of your stay. 

WARMTH - Autumn days in Trundle can be gorgeous and sunny, but the nights can sometimes be a little chilly as we head into winter. Please bring warm pyjamas/clothes to ensure that you have the best possible nights sleep! If you are a real cold frog, an extra blanket might also help!

LIGHTING - Lighting is provided in Premuim and Classic tents, however, we recommend that you bring a torch to visit amenities etc.

AMENITIES -  Our upgraded amenities block is located near the centre of the showground near the Glamping area with plenty of hot showers.  Portable toilets are placed throughout the camping area for your convenience.

FIRES  -  Fires are not allowed within the Tent Glamping area.  A private fire is provided in the Premium Glamping area.  

ANIMALS  -  Companion animals are NOT permitted in the Glamping tents.

CAR PARKING - Ample car parking is provided adjacent to the tent area. Cars will not be parked next to tents except in Premium Glamping area.

ACCESS TO FESTIVAL AREA - The festival area at Berryman Oval in the centre of Trundle, about 1km from the Glamping grounds.  Buses will be running regularly during the festival. 

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