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I'm part of an events team, can I allow access for my team to manage, edit and set up events?

Yes! You can allow different team members access to different events via the Team Management functions.
To set up your team managers you will need to log into the Organiser portal area and go to Organiser > Team Management located on the left side panel.
Select the blue Add to team button.
You will then need to add their email address and assign the permissions you want to grant the team member:

  • Team Member Access - Will allow the team member access to all admin access to the events.
  • Box Office - Will allow them to sell tickets via Box Office.
  • Kiosk - Will allow them to sell tickets via the Kiosk app.

Once you select the permission they are allowed access to, you then need to select whether they are allowed to manage all events or specific events, and then select the green Invite button.

After you have granted them access, they will receive an email that will prompt them to either login or create an account. When they are logged in a banner will appear at the top of the page that will allow them to accept the invitation to manage the events you have allocated to them.

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