Dine and Discover

The NSW Government has launched Dine & Discover NSW

To encourage the community to get out and about and support dining, arts and recreation businesses.

NSW residents aged 18 and over can apply for 4 x $25 vouchers, worth $100 in total.

  • 2 x $25 Dine NSW Vouchers to be used for dining in at restaurants, cafés, bars, wineries, pubs and clubs or for takeaway meals.
  • 2 x $25 Discover NSW Vouchers to be used for entertainment and recreation, including cultural institutions, live music, and arts venues.

The vouchers:

Additional vouchers coming soon

The Dine & Discover NSW Voucher scheme will be expanded to 6 x $25 vouchers. The additional 2 vouchers are expected to be available in December. Existing customers will not need to reapply to receive the additional vouchers.

To be eligible for the vouchers, you must be:

  • aged 18 years or over
  • a NSW resident.

Voucher eligibility 

  • Each voucher can only be used:
    • once (if the bill is less than $25, the remaining balance is given up and cannot be used)
    • with participating businesses
    • on or before the expiry date.
  • Vouchers cannot be:
    • redeemed for cash
    • used for:
      • alcohol 
      • tobacco 
      • gambling
      • online orders (Dine NSW Vouchers only).

What you need

  • a MyServiceNSW Account
  • 2 proof of identity documents such as your NSW driver licence, Medicare card, Australian passport. If you'd like to use a NSW Photo Card as a proof of identity document, you'll need to apply at a Service NSW Centre.  
    Note: The names on your documents must match.
  • a mobile device (iOS or Android) to download the latest version of the Service NSW app and use the vouchers.

How to Apply

  1. Select the ‘Apply online’ button.
  2. Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account.
  3. Follow the prompts to apply for the vouchers.

If successful, you'll:

  • find the vouchers under the ‘Vouchers’ section of the Service NSW App within an hour. 
  • receive an email from Service NSW with the vouchers available to download and print.

If you do not have a MyServiceNSW Account or you're unable to apply online, you can call 13 77 88 or visit a Service NSW Centre with your proof of identity documents. 

If you'd like to use a NSW Photo Card as a proof of identity document, you'll need to apply at a Service NSW Centre.

 How to use your vouchers at 123 Tix with participating organisers

  1. Choose a participating business where you'll use the voucher.
  2. Log in to the Service NSW App on your mobile device.
  3. Select ‘Vouchers’.
  4. Select the valid voucher you wish to use.
  5. Input the code at the checkout payment screen where the Service NSW Code area appears.
  6. You can use either your Service NSW APP or the printed copy
  7. Once applied and successful your device will show the voucher as being used
  8. Please be advised that Service NSW requires a time limit of 6 mins, if the booking times out your code will reset in 15 mins and can be tried again.


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