They want to buy tickets

That’s great news! Guests can purchase tickets online through 123Tix, or if they’d prefer to purchase in person, guests can drop into your office and you can book their tickets through 123Tix accepting payment via cash or cheque. 

They’ve bought tickets

That’s even better news! When a guest purchases a ticket online, we ask them to nomination an email address to which their receipt ticket/s are emailed to. From there, we suggest they print their tickets so you can scan them upon arrival. Alternatively, if they can’t get to a printer they’ll be able to access their ticket/s via email on their iPad, iPhone or Android device to present to you.

They’ve forgotten their tickets

Nothing to stress about! Our easy and free app allows you to simply look up the guests name upon arrival, and check them in using your iPhone or iPod. 

They want to choose their own seats

We can do that! Our state of the art software allows you several options when it comes to selling tickets to your event. You can:

  • sell unlimited general admissions tickets
  • create a maximum number of general admission tickets
  • allow guests to nominate which table they’d like to be seated at
  • sell tickets to sections, with different pricing and limitations for each section
  • allow your guests to choose their own seat from your seating plan
They want to choose their own table

We can do that too! Guests can specify the name of the table they want to sit at, and you have the option to create a maximum number of seats per table.

We’d like to offer an early bird discount

Well, who doesn’t love a special! Using a coupon code you can sell pre-sale tickets and offer an early bird discounts to VIPs and other guests, allowing them early access to your event tickets.

We’d like to sell tickets at the door

That’s no problem! Our state of the art software and easy app allows you to sell tickets right up until the event starts.

We’d like a logo

Of course! We can include a business or event logo on both your page on our website, and on your tickets to help brand your event and contribute to a consistent marketing strategy. However, a logo is not a requirement for all events.

We’d like to download ticket information

What a great idea! You can manage the bookings for your event and export the booking data in to a csv file – it’s easy to both edit and format the file to suit your needs. 

We’d like to use the scanning app

We don’t blame you – it’s great! Our scanning app is free to download for use on an iPhone, iPod touch or any hand-held Android device and available from either the Apple Application store, or Android Play. With internet access, you can multiple staff or volunteers scanning tickets at the door as your guests arrive. Alternatively, we’re happy to hire you our scanners – take a look at “Ticket Scanner” area for all the info.

For large scale events speak to us about attending your event.

We can’t find the answer we’re looking for

We’re happy to help! Simply contact the team at 123Tix through our contact area and we’ll be back to you as soon as we can.

Payment Methods

123 Collect charges see pricing

Ticket sales net of fees are transferred to your bank account on the within 7 days after your event unless agreed.

This option is available to all event organisers that require 123 Tix to process and collect all of your event funds. Please note 123 Tix does not store any Credit Card details on its servers - 123 Collect is powered by Stripe. GST is included in all fees at a 10% rate.

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