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An event ticketing platform built for fundraising and hosting any charity events.

Horse Jumping Charity Fundraising

looking to host a fundraising event.

Events often support a great cause or charity and there is no better way to raise funds than to offer customers a great time through ticketing packages with options to share, invite, and donate.

By ticketing your next fundraiser you create a better experience with the opportunity to communicate your thanks with a post event email, ask questions upon booking and build a customer database.


While customers may not be able to attend the event and show their support through ticket purchases, offering online donations can allow customers the option to donate without attending or donate in addition to attending the event.

Private Events

Restrict who can see your event by switching the event to private mode. This allows only those with the direct link to the ticket page access to the event.

Share on Social Media

Share a direct link for your ticketing page to your website or social media to easily direct traffic from your online platforms to your ticketing site. Also take a look at Google Analytics to track and report your website traffic to anticipate future customer actions.

Capture information

Capture additional information from your customers specific to their needs or to the requirements of your event, e.g. Dietary requirements.


Offer discounts for large group bookings in the same transaction.

Shareable Links

Direct link to ticketing page shareable on website, social media

Collect Donations for your Charity or Cause.

123 Tix allows the organiser to collect donations for a charity or cause that the event supports. Customers can contribute as little or as much as they wish to help support the cause; as we all know, any amount can help. So, while the customer may not be able to attend the event will enable them to show their support through donations.

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A friendly and helpful team you can reach!

123 Tix is an award winning regional business providing the capabilities of a national ticketing agent with the personalised service of a regional business. Our team can be contacted via phone and email during business hours to: Answer any question you may have Provide quotes and ticketing recommendations Technical support for online and onsite ticketing with free event set up post event reporting and marketing tools

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

Matt Mullenweg

Not sure where to start?

Pricing should be simple, too. We offer one of the lowest rates in the industry; $1.00 per ticket purchased + 1.47% card processing fee. Additionally, we can integrate with your Square and Stripe account via our whitelabel service.

Tickets onsite through the 123 Tix kiosk are just $0.50c per ticket purchased + 1.85% card processing fee for each ticket sold on site, when connected to your Stripe account the funds are paid directly into your account.

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