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We've got your ticketing needs covered for theatre productions, trade shows and conferences, or general admission events

Vene Event Ticketing Ticketing Interface

Event Seating, Gala Dinners or Event Concerts

Start selling tickets in minutes with our simple set-up process.
Track sales in real-time from any device with 24/7 access and invite team members to run the box office.
Use email invitations to promote your event with free custom and built-in social sharing tools. Sell tickets anywhere, including on your site, with our official.

Group Tickets

Group Tickets: Ideal for providing family discounts

Protect Ticket Types

Password protected ticket types for members pricing

Printed Tickets

Print tickets via the box office for the customers that still like a hard copy.

Multi-day Discounts

Member discounts via the Coupon code options that can promote early sales.


Multi-day Discounts and Multi-ticket discounts for 2 and 3 day passes

Shareable Links

Direct link to ticketing page shareable on website, social media

Have a look at 123 Tix Box Office and the features offered.

Using 123 Tix gives you, the organiser, the option to sell tickets at your venue through Box Office. 123 Tix allows you to collect your cash or EFTPOS payment on the days, capture customer information for your database and gives you the functionality to print the tickets out for the customer then and there or email the customer a copy.

Bulb Get Started

A friendly and helpful team you can reach!

123 Tix is an award winning regional business providing the capabilities of a national ticketing agent with the personalised service of a regional business. Our team can be contacted via phone and email during business hours to: Answer any question you may have Provide quotes and ticketing recommendations Technical support for online and onsite ticketing with free event set up post event reporting and marketing tools

“The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want.”

George Lucas

Not sure where to start?

Pricing should be simple, too. We offer one of the lowest rates in the industry; $1.00 per ticket purchased + 1.47% card processing fee. Additionally, we can integrate with your Square and Stripe account via our whitelabel service.

Tickets onsite through the 123 Tix kiosk are just $0.50c per ticket purchased + 1.85% card processing fee for each ticket sold on site, when connected to your Stripe account the funds are paid directly into your account.

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